Piano moving

At Beacon Park Removals and Storage, we understand that musical instruments are cherished items – especially pianos. Over the years, generations of people have trusted us to move their grand and upright pianos. We currently carry out a considerable amount of work through recommendations from Rossner Pianos in the South West.

We are able to move pianos throughout the UK and with the more distant moves, we can offer either a special trip price or a part-load price. For example:

The part-load price is where the job is carried out alongside another job going to a similar part of the country. We can give approximate dates and times for collection/delivery beforehand, to make sure that someone is available to let us in.

Special trip price is a job tailored to your particular needs, where you can be more specific about dates and times.

Whether its an upright or grand concert piano, the instrument is protected with a ‘piano shoe’ and covers which remain in place until transported to its new home.

When you are ready, give us call to discuss your requirements and arrange for a free estimate.